International certifications

Increase the level of quality according to the world standards

Microorganism eradicator

Fully removal of viruses, germs and harmful bacteria

Nature friendly

Using OZONE has no side effect on nature

Reasonable price

Low cost of maintenance & raw material

  • Eliminating the pleasant smell of industrial wastewater
  • Design and implementation of industrial, urban and rural wastewater systems
  • Complete removal of order and reduce COD and BOD in treatment plants
  • Modify the existing treatment plant with the best possible method
  • Purification and disinfection of water for public pools, private and decorative water.
  • Removing chlorine in private pools and preventing redness of the eye and transmission contagious diseases and increasing the transparency of water.
  • Use in swimming pools to prevent dry skin and reduce hair color.
  • Disinfection of the production hall air to remove fungi, mildew and yeast
  • Disinfection of pipes and storage tank (CIP)
  • Disinfection of drinking water and consumption water in food industry
  • Disinfection of surface, hall floor, bottles, carrying tanks
  • Use of ozone in wastewater treatment plant in factories
  • Disinfection of flour, wheat and starch
  • Disinfection of raisin, pistachio, citrons and vegetables
  • Use in mushroom salons to eliminate contaminations
  • Reduce the loss of fruits in refrigerators by eliminating ethylene and increasing the shelf-life of the product.
  • Reduce potato and other food losses in storage and refrigerators.
  • The removal of ethylene, mildew and yeast by ozone in refrigerators will reduce the loss of fruits
  • Disinfection of surfaces, packing machines, hall floor, bottles and carrying tankers
  • Disinfection of product directly
  • Increase the shelf-life
  • Purification and disinfection of packing and production saloons air with elimination of fungi and yeast

Ozone is also beneficial in the following cases:

  • Disinfection of gloves and boots with ozonated water
  • ozonated water spray for disinfecting gloves, brooms, boots, knife blades while working.
  • Disinfection of lifting wheels
  • Portable ozone generator for disinfection Of the factory water disinfection And purification of cooling tower
  • Disinfection of waste products with ozone
  • Disinfection of hospital garbage chamber
  • Disinfection of meat with ozone
  • Air purification and disinfection in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dairy industries, poultry and dairy farms and etc.
  • Disinfection of poultry saloon, hatcher and etc
  • Replacing formalin with ozone gas in the gas chamber
  • Purification and disinfection of consuming water of poultry
  • Reducing the amount of toxic gases that produced in the poultry saloon such as Ammonia, co2 and hydrogen sulfide
  • Disinfection & reduction of the microbial load in cereal storage warehouses
  • Disinfection of chicken carrying containers and refrigerator warehouses
  • Disinfection of consuming water of dairy farms
  • Disinfection of milk storage tank with ozonated water (CIP)
  • Disinfection of dairy saloon air
  • Use of ozonated water to reduce the microbial load
  • Disinfection of calf’s consuming water
  • Wash the cow’s breast with ozonated water

Due to the numerous problems caused by changes in price in the animal food sector, the profit from storage and maintenance of animal feed is remarkable for this sector.

The existence of an efficient system to prevent the growth of fungi and mildew in storage silos is an essential requirement that is carried out using aeration and taking moisture.

  • Disinfection of dates, pistachios and removing existrg pets with best method.
  • Disinfection of cereal silos, wheat, soya
  • Disinfection of herbs
  • Disinfection of dried vegetables

Using ozone generator for Disinfect of consuming water

  • Reducing the microbial load of carcasses
  • Reducing chiller replacement
  • Use this system to remove odor and air sterilization
  • Remove odor and reducing organic matter in wastewater treatment plant
  • Disinfection of surfaces and carrying containers of meat
  • Disinfection of slaughterhouse entrance water

The use of ozone in the aquaculture industry has led to increase in annual production levels and it’s positive results in research have been proven.

  • Disinfection of input and circulated water
  • Eliminating all microorganisms such as virus
  • Reduce disease, remove chemicals and drugs
  • Increase dissolved oxygen in water
  • Increase the amount of fish growth
  • No need for anti-fouling
  • No need for anti-corrosion
  • Reduce blow down
  • Increase thermal efficiency

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