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Catalog of ozone in dairy farm

  • Disinfection of consuming water of dairy farms.

  • Disinfection of milk storage tank with ozonated water (CIP)

  • Disinfection of dairy saloon air

  • Use of ozonated water to reduce the microbial load

  • Disinfection of calf’s consuming water

  • Wash the cow’s breast with ozonated water

Key words:
Water disinfection
Water treatment
Microbial load reduction
Contaminant reduction

Catalog of ozone in poultry farm

  • Disinfection of poultry saloon, hatcher and etc

  • Replacing formalin with ozone gas in the gas chamber

  • Purification and disinfection of consuming water of poultry

  • Reducing the amount of toxic gases that produced in the poultry saloon such as Ammonia, co2 and hydrogen sulfide

  • Disinfection & reduction of the microbial load in cereal storage warehouses

  • Disinfection of chicken carrying containers and refrigerator warehouses

Key words:

Ozone in gas chamber

Instead of formalin

Water disinfection

Microbial load reduction

General catalog of ozone

Ozone naturally produced in the atmosphere. Three atomic ozone with an O3 symbol and a molecular weight of 48. This molecule is produced by the action of ultraviolet light (UV) or a high voltage charge on oxygen (O2).

This colorless gas was first discovered by schonbein in 1840.

Ozone has a nasty smell in high concentrations but is not sensible in less concentrations. It destroys germs through oxidation and destruction of their cell walls. Destruction of microorganisms such as spore, Bacteria, cyst and viruse without the need for long time is the advantage of ozone.

Key words:
Powerful oxidant

Catalog of ozone in aquaculture

Ozone plays an important role in preventing and eliminating fish diseases in aquaculture. This substance oxidize pollutants in the water.

Ozone is the cause of the destruction of viruses, bacteria, fungi & protozoa. Additionally, the use of ozone increases fish growth and reduces the use of drugs and antibiotics in aquaculture. Ozone is a very suitable substitute for malachite green, which is an  unauthorized chemical.

Key words:
Eliminate disease
Eliminate chemicals

Catalog of ozone in food industry

  • Disinfection of the production hall air to remove fungi, mildew and yeast

  • Disinfection of pipes and storage tank (CIP)

  • Disinfection of drinking water and consumption water in food industry

  • Disinfection of surface, hall floor, bottles, carrying tanks

  • Use of ozone in wastewater treatment plant in factories

  • Disinfection of flour, wheat and starch

  • Disinfection of raisin, pistachio, citrons and vegetables

  • Use in mushroom salons to eliminate contaminations

Key words:
Food products
Microbial load reduction
Eliminate taste and odor

Catalog of ozone in swimming pool


Some advantage of using ozone in pools:

  • The most used disinfectant in the pools of advanced countries

  • Water pool clarification

  • Increase of water dissolved oxygen.

  • Eliminate all microorganisms including fungi , bacteria , virus such as cholera, AIDS, hepatitis & etc

  • No burning and reddening eyes

  • Non dry-skin

  • Lack of respiratory sensitivities and transmission of contagious diseases

  • Significant reduction in water consumption

  • Completely eliminate the odor, color and taste of water

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Ozone helps to coagulate organic matter and can remove small colloidal materials

  • Ozone will not leave any chemical residue in water

  • Ozone is produced in situ and does not require consumables

Key words:
Powerful oxidant
Microbial load

Catalog of ozone in wheat and flour

In flour mills, the healthy of the flour is important because flour products are used for human consumption and it has a direct relationship with human health.

Ozone destroys all of contamination easily, has not chemical residual and there is no need to buy and transport for other chemical. so ozone is economical.

The applications of ozone in flour mills are use in wetting stage, use in silos & bleaching of flour.

Key words:
Storage pest
Flour bleaching
Wetting stage
Ozone in silos

Catalog of ozone in disinfection of incoming vehicles

This system is equipped with automatic ozonation water spray.

It’s made of steel and has high durability. Ozone is more powerful oxidizer and it is Eco-friendly.

This system has a motion sensor that operates when entering and leaving the vehicle. In addition, it consumes a little water.

Key words:
Ozonated water
Automatic spray
Motion sensor